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Componize is a DITA content management system that optimizes the authoring, management and publishing of high-volume product information such as product documentation or learning content. Combining enterprise-wide collaboration, ease of use, scalability and an open architecture, it provides the full range of features that organizations need today for their content strategy. Spend less time organizing, searching for and re-doing content, and more time creating real value through better reuse and faster multi-channel production. Componize is today modernizing information development for AMD, SAP and Merck, among others. Pick up a case study, or take a tour.

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CMS/DITA North America - Seven tips for a perfect conference

CMS/DITA North America 2014 organization is now well under way: the lists of exhibitors and speakers are now available on the website, along with the agenda, packed with over 70 fantastic presentations. As experienced attendees and exhibitors to the event, the team at Componize would like to share a few tips to make the most of these hectic 3 days. 

1- Tick off the presentations you want to attend

Use the agenda and plan ahead which presentations you must see. There are four tracks available: Information Design and Development, Technical Solutions, Management, and Emerging Technologies. If you are with one of several colleagues you can decide together what each of you would rather attend. You may also meet every day to check who's learned what, update your schedules, and share takeaways.

2- Keep your energy for the conference. Don't waste it on travelling

Plan to arrive Sunday or Saturday if you are travelling from overseas.
Starting a conference with a bad jet lag is not a good idea. It's worth adding a night to keep your energy for the conference. And the plane tickets may sell cheaper on a Saturday too.

3- Make the most of social events - have some fun

The conference organizers plan social events on the Sunday night and the Monday night. If you can, attend the Sunday night social party, not only can you register and can bypass the queue Monday, but you'll be able to meet a smaller crowd on the first evening. Less intimidating and more fun. Note the hashtags for the conference - spontaneous nights out may be organized this way.

4- Say "Hi!" to the vendors

The vendors are here to help you achieve your goals. Most of the vendors at the conference support the conference itself and donate time and expertise to presentations. Take the time to meet and discuss your project - you'll find help, and maybe hatch some new ideas. 

5- Talk to the speakers... 

Don't be shy: a missed opportunity to ask that question to the experts may not present itself until... well, next year! Questions also help the presenters refine their thoughts and may foster new ideas. Check the speakers' list. You can event get more information in advance on their blogs, sites, or twitter accounts.

6- Fill in the evaluation forms

Briefs and feedbacks make the best events! If you think the conference was great, say it! If you think there is some room for improvement, express yourself! Feedback and constructive comments help the organizers keep the conference subjects on the right path. Also provide feedback to the speakers - I guarantee it helps!

7- One final tip

If you have a twitter account, note the following: #cmsconference | @Center4infoDev

We hope these few tips will help you plan ahead and make the most of your conference.

Where will we be?

As a sponsor to this leading conference, Componize can meet you at one of the presentations, during the social events, or at our booth! To arrange a formal meeting, contact us at

Frank Shipley, our chief technical officer, will deliver Tuesday morning an easy-to-understand presentation on release management and how to control better multiple versions of your content!

As a member of the DITA open toolkit tech calls, Frank will also participate in the DITA-OT panel wednesday morning.

See you in Seattle!


Componize proudly supports tekom "DITA Day" in France

CMS/DITA North America 2014 is now well under way: the list of sponsors and speakers is now available. The agenda is packed with fantastic presentation. We'd like to share our tips to make the most of these hectic 3 days.

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DITA Europe 2013 - will YOU be there?

You may think that an efficient versioning, branch and merge solution is all that we need to manage our DITA source files and releases effectively. There are subtle differences however, between configuration management (versioning, branch and merge) and release management.

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Webinar Content Mapper + Componize = Powerful Teamwork

You know the value of a hard working team. Now we're bringing that value to you. Simply XML and Componize have teamed up to give your team the ultimate advantage. Learn how your team can create, manage, and share structured content quickly and easily. Authors can easily contribute DITA content, while enabling content reuse and multichannel publishing, to increase team productivity. We'll show you how.

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Workshop: Collaboration and the Integrated Product Lifecycle

This post-conference workshop at Lavacon will provide you with presentations and practical examples of content control over the entire product lifecycle. 

From authoring to delivery and back

The session is handled and organized by Joe Gollner from Gnostyx Research Inc. Technologies and tools showcased during the workshop include:

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